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Concrete Raising for 1/3 to 1/2

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Protects you from: Lawsuits, Safety Violations, Insurance Cancellations, Failed Home Inspections

Concrete Repair by Lifting or Mudjacking Saves You Money on Concrete Raising and Concrete Repair in NJ & PA.

Why We Avoid Using Flammable Toxic Poly Foam for Concrete Lifting

Mudjacking is still the best time proven choice with it’s 80 year history for concrete leveling, concrete lifting and more.

A chemical incident that shut down blocks of downtown Vancouver two years ago and saw hundreds of residents evacuated…

Welcome to Concrete Chiropractor – Trusted Experts in Concrete Leveling, Concrete Repair, Mudjacking and more.

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Kris Winters - Concrete ChiropractorWelcome to the Concrete Chiropractor homepage. I’m Kris Winters, owner and founder of Concrete Chiropractor ® LLC., a NJ mudjacking, NJ slabjacking or NJ Concrete Repair company.

In 2000 I started the Concrete Chiropractor ® LLC. I have been in commercial and residential masonry construction since 1979. I believe that it is because of this past knowledge that our customers acknowledge us as the best specialists in the New Jersey concrete raising business. We offer the best quality, guaranteed work, when it comes to concrete repair in New Jersey .

Concrete raising is not only for sidewalk repair. The fact is that there is no limit to size of the slab repair in NJ. If you have concrete that is sunken or settled, but in otherwise good condition, we save it by lifting your existing concrete. This results in you saving an average of 50 to 70% over concrete replacement.

HomeAdvisorSealofApprovalCurrently, we service nearly all of Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey . We have developed a growth plan based on an unparalleled level of customer service and satisfaction when it comes to the process known as concrete lifting, slabjacking, or mudjacking. We are currently working on the expansion of our well established successful business name and process without the complications involved with a Franchise Opportunity.

If you have a desire to succeed by joining with a system and process that has unlimited potential, please check out our Business Opportunities page and do not hesitate to contact us.

Kris Winters

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I’m really pleased with the way the job turned out. I would also like to complement your workers for their effort and for doing a really nice job of cleaning up before they left. I am a naturally curious person and very much enjoyed their talking the time to explain what they were doing each step of the way. You can be assured i will mention your name to anyone I know who has a problem similar to mine.
B. Mack
You are by far the nicest and fairest contractor I have ever used. I really appreciate your help. You truly go above and beyond.
B. Ritz
The work performed surpassed our expectations and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. We can finally use our covered porch without fear of the slab collapsing under the weight of people and furniture.
H. Renard
Wanted to thank you and your crew for a professional job well done. I am pleased with the result of the raising of the deck around my pool. I had concerns about the underground pipes and skimmers surviving the procedure. You assured me it would not be a problem and it wasn’t. The deck is back to 99% of it’s a original level. The savings over replacing the deck was tremendous.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Jayson the pool company that I use. They may be able to use you for other of their customers.

J. Mitros
Your guys have done a great job. I am very satisfied with both the quality and the price. I’d like to provide a super reference for your services if you need.

Thanks again.

J. Song

Wow! I’m thrilled! Just came home and it is just what I was hoping for when I decided to go the route of mud-jacking. What a relief!

C.S. Bernardsville, NJ
Concrete Chiropractor came out to address a few sinking areas of concrete that were present around our buildings. Kris was very thorough during his walk through to provide us an estimate and explained exactly how the project would be completed. The lifting work was completed in one day and made a huge difference. We are very happy that we went with Concrete Chiropractor, they saved us a huge replacement cost by lifting the sidewalks.


Darren S. Large A.A.E., Manager, Facilities & Projects

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