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Do you have unlevel concrete that is otherwise solid?


  • Is your concrete unlevel but has a solid looking surface that is not crumbled, or disintegrating?
  • Does your concrete have limited or very few cracks?
  • Has your concrete generally settled 6″ or less?

Through our many years of concrete leveling in New Jersey we have seen that anywhere concrete has been poured on unstable soil, there is a possibility that it has settled. This is very common around pool areas, garage floors, homes or slabs on grade, at the base of steps, patios, and walkways. Most of this settlement will happen within the first five years resulting in the failed or settled concrete. Our complete concrete leveling and slab repair will help bring your concrete back to its originally poured height.

Once the base soil under the slab has reached full compaction, we are able to repair the slab. This is done by drilling a series of 1″ or 1 1/2″ holes based on the type of slab and job. Then a sand/clay/cement grout is mixed and pumped beneath the slab. Once any voids are filled, pressure begins to build and raise the slab. After the concrete has been raised, the drill holes are cleaned and patched with a fast-setting high-strength cement. We use this proven technique in our concrete leveling services.

If you have recently experienced storm damage, it can cause concrete floor and foundation settlement, along with voids beneath the floors due to tides, flooding and washout. Many times this has left homeowners out of their homes until the inside floor sinking issue has been resolved. In many cases, we have been able to either raise the floor back to it’s original height, or at minimum, stabilize the base without concrete floor removal or replacement. This has resulted in a huge savings of time, money and inconvenience for these storm victims. We hope we can be of service and help in putting our fellow New Jerseyans lives back in order through our professional concrete leveling services.