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Concrete slab repair is definitely one of the expense-efficient approaches to effectively raise and level up concrete sidewalks, floors, pool areas and more back again once more to their original height or grade. For over 70 years, this type of technique has been applied in order to raise submerged or tilted NJ concrete sidewalks and slabs of homes, commercial and industrial locations such as as driveways,  runways, walk ways, grounds, warehouse floor repair, swimming pool decks, and so on. This distinct process is composed of drilling holes through the skewed cement slab in order to raise it . With pressure, the grout is then pumped through the access holes in order to raise the submerged slab. The holes are then patched with a quick setting cement. In addition to NJ slab jacking as a method of concrete repair, we also offer NJ concrete grinding as an alternative method to re level concrete around homes or other locations where NJ commercial concrete repair is needed.

With these methods, we are able to NJ commercial sidewalk repair liabilities while saving money over NJ commercial concrete replacement costs, We can also save homeowners a lot of stress, time and money when they try to obtain costs for NJ concrete replacement, especially when they are under time restraints when they are in the process of buying or selling a home in NJ. Some of the more common problems we see occurring is when the NJ home inspector discovers a dropped concrete step near their front entrance stairs, along with settled garage floors, dropped driveway slabs, tilted concrete pool decks, sunken concrete porch tops and more. There is no concrete slab size that is unable to have concrete raised in NJ. Concrete slab lifting also avoids slab color differences associated with NJ cracked concrete replacement. However, NJ concrete pumping and adjusting is not recommended for NJ foundation repair or settled foundations in New Jersey. However, mud jacking is usually the perfect solution to repair dropped concrete slabs in good condition.