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Mudjacking Versus Poly Level Foam Concrete Raising (Poly Leveling) – Fact vs. Fiction

If you came here because you are interested in Poly Level services to raise your concrete, you came to the right place.  With 36 years experience, the Concrete Chiropractor is here to help you make the right choice. We spent a year researching Poly Leveling and although we could offer it we decided NOT to offer it in our service line up.  Below are just some of the reasons why.   Give us a call at 908-369-3110 and let us educate you further on why we strongly suggest you use MUD to raise your concrete, not Poly.


  • Chemically man made
  • Typically higher cost
  • Newer process. Long term effects or results of poly foam unknown
  • Failure rate unknown
  • Guarantee is only as good as company/contractor/applicator!


  • 100% natural earth material
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has been used successfully since the 1930’s on Highways, Air Strips, Floors and more
  • Very low failure of approx. 1%
  • Backed by Concrete Chiropractor’s great reputation and our “Real” warranty that we deliver on as promised!
Poly Product Facts - Material Data Sheet
Grout Vs. Poly Ground Water Test
Grout Vs. Poly Flammability Test

The traditional method of concrete repair in NJ and nationwide for sinking concrete over the past 70 plus years has been the time proven method known as Mudjacking, the only way to raise concrete without the unknown history of Polyleveling, or Polyurethane foam concrete raising and void filling.

Here at Concrete Chiropractor we are experienced specialists, and one of the original companies in the field of mudjacking and slabjacking in NJ. Concrete Chiropractor is the leader in the field of concrete lifting in NJ and concrete raising in NJ. As part of our dedication and obligation on how to level sinking concrete, we have attended many shows such as World of Concrete to stay abreast of new technology that would be a significant change to the settling concrete repair field. The newest option is know as the Poly leveling foam concrete raising.

If we feel there was a new method that would better serve the customer, or it was a feasible mudjacking alternative, we would not hesitate to add it to our existing method of concrete leveling in NJ. While others have jumped on this bandwagon of poly leveling, at this time, we do not see an advantage to polyurethane injection grouting over the traditional, time proven, methods of concrete repair. We back our method with our long standing reputation and our personal guarantee.

If you are looking to raise concrete safely at a reasonable price, with a well know company that will stand behind you, guarantee it’s work and has a great reputation, then you need to call Concrete Chiropractor.

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